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The Global Assembly Line
This Emmy Award winning documentary film travels from Tennessee to Mexico’s northern border; from Silicon Valley to the Philippines. The Global Assembly Line takes viewers inside our new global economy.

It is a vivid portrayal of the lives of working women and men in the free trade zones of developing countries and North America, as U.S. industries close factories to search the globe for lower-wage workforces. We take a rare look at the people who make the clothing we wear and the electronic goods we use, as well as, the business decisions behind manufacturing on the global assembly line.

Directed by Lorraine Gray, The Global Assembly Line is a multi-award winning, National PBS Special; all originally filmed on-location on the US/Mexico border, in the Philippines and the U.S. National review excerpts and awards follow...

A powerful look at the human face of dramatic changes in the global economy... Artfully filmed and well edited.”
The Washington Post

Seamless and comprehensive...
visually rich, superbly photographed ...
all of it original.”
Contemporary Sociology

“The subject is so rich...
an informative hour...
Miss Gray’s sympathy for the workers in the three countries gives her work heart.”
New York Times

The film is... intimately direct in
portraits of the young women
who predominate on the assembly lines
Contemporary Sociology

"The product of a four-year study by
director Lorraine Gray,
soical-anthropologist Maria Patricia Fernández-Kelly

and co-producer Anne Bohlen,
The Global Assembly Line is
a reminder of why we have public television..."
The Washington Post

"The Global Assembly Line
a visually rich and analytically pointed film.
Like many films, it is sociologically relevant.
Like very few, it is sociologically conceived...
Contemporary Sociology

"Sociologists, in particular, should welcome
Lorraine Gray’s film The Global Assembly Line.
Not only is this a
skillful and politically significant work...
but it is uniquely sociological
in content and conceptualization
Dr. John Walton, University of California, Davis

"The film shows us scenes
most Americans never see
There is brutality and misery in this film,
but also a little hope."
The Washington Post

"Conflicting interests divide classes, genders,
management and labor, elites and citizens, police and civilians, both within and across nations. Complexity lurks everywhere...
If the analytic foundation is clear,
however, it does not intrude
on the visual and emotional message.
The film is superbly photographed,
honestly interpretive where polemic tempts
Contemporary Sociology

Awards and Honors
for The Global Assembly Line include an Emmy Award-Academy of Television Arts & Sciences;
Golden Apple Award-National Educational Film Festival; Blue Ribbon Award-American Film and Video Festival; Museum of Modern Art-New Directors New Films Series; Special Jury Prize-Leipzig International Film Festival; Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences-Tribute Series;
PBS National Special.

The Emmy Award winning film The Global Assembly Line is available on video or film at New Day Films. Call toll free (888) 367-9154.

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