Gabon, Rain Forest Clearing Observatory
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Langoue Bai, Ivindo National Park
Gabon, Africa

This important rain forest clearing, know as a "bai", is a gathering place for “naive” gorillas, other primates, and forest elephants. Many of these animals may never have encountered humans, making it a conservation priority. More...

Location: West Central Africa. Ivindo National Park Reserve, eastern interior of Gabon near the Congo border, between the Ogooue & Ivindo Rivers, downstream from the town Makokou, Gabon.
Trek Date: May, 2004.

Bai/Forest Clearing Trek Participants:
Wildlife Conservation Society.
Scientist & Researcher: Erica Spotswood & Modeste Doukaga with the Wildlife Conservation Society. Trail Guide: Baka Pygmy Trackers. Guest Observers: Tracey Ormandy, Producer; Nick Greaves, Naturalist, Safari Guide & Photographer.
Langoue Bai / Rain Forest Clearing
Ivindo National Park Reserve, Gabon, Africa
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Langoue Bai Clearing, Gabon, Africa
Wildlife Conservation Society

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Guide to Vegetation of the Lope Reserve Gabon
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Nick Greaves with Tracey Ormandy
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Tracey Ormandy with Nick Greaves
All Rights Reserved by Tracey Ormandy Copyright 2004
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