With Babies and Banners
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Oscar Award Nominee for Best Feature Documentary --
WITH BABIES AND BANNERS captures the essence of life and work
in the 1930s Great Depression
--showing how everyday people
changed the course of American history

The classic WITH BABIES AND BANNERS presents, the untold story of the women who became the backbone of The Great General Motors
Sit Down Strike of 1937 –the labor movement's key
to the successful
drive for industrial unionism and a better life for working Americans.

It was the women—the working women, the wives, mothers, sisters, and sweethearts of the strikers—who became the backbone of the strike. The nation’s eyes were on the men inside the auto plants, while the women outside progressed from manning the strike kitchen to leading the famous Women’s Emergency Brigade. Forty years later nine of these women reunite.

Their story, once lost to history is uncovered. In a surprise action, these extraordinary women show the relevance of their experience for people today. Recipient of the DuPont-Columbia Broadcast Journalism Award.

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Full of drama, insight and general good humor, coupled with a remarkable use of stock footage...
With Babies and Banners succeeds in making concerns that were alive 40 years ago strikingly relevant for today as well.”

“...should be seen by every mother’s son and daughter in the United States.”
Film Comment

With Babies and Banners is
a moving presentation of network building and support systems forty years ago.
Marvelous, newly empowered women developing
confidence and pride emerge as role models

to serve as inspirations for all of us.”
American Association of University Women

“Smoothly professional...
the images are startling and moving.”
The Washington Post

“...sparks the New York Film Festival...
perhaps the most revelatory film.”
Los Angeles Times

With Babies and Banners is
a piece of original historical research

and deserves a place in
serious documentary film archives...
It stuck us as a winner!
Media and Methods

“It is the careful re-creation of the
everyday lives of working class women that makes With Babies and Banners such a moving film, freeing it from glossy romanticism with a directness and intimacy rarely seen in contemporary documentary film.”
Seven Days

With Babies and Banners is an
invaluable resource for interdisciplinary studies and a catalyst for serious discussion
of American History and Women’s Studies,
as well as Anthropology, Sociology,
and Political Science.”
Dr. Lawrence Goodwyn, Professor of History, Duke University

“...a model of socially conscious filmmaking of the highest degree.”
Le Monde, Paris

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